How to learn things worth learning

When was the last time you bought a non-fiction book and finished it? How long did it take you to do so? Did you make notes while reading? Were you able to discuss your thoughts with others?

Finishing books is difficult. It's often a lonely job and you need to be incredibly disciplined.

Bookshelf with lots of partially read books

Sure, plenty of authors offer their ideas in on-site workshops. Unfortunately that doesn't scale well when you want to learn a lot of things. Learning like that will be expensive and impact your schedule.

You could start a book club with people that are interested in similar things. But where are you going to find them? And when and where will you meet?


Pagination. Finish the books that you buy

Buy a Pack of two books from us and we will make sure you learn from them. You'll read from those two books together with a group of maximum 16 people over the course of half a year. Together with your fellow readers and our curators you can discuss how you interpret the contents of the book and what still dazzles you. We call that Deliberate Learning. And it's not only effective, it's fun too :-)

You'll log your progress each time you read. And in case you lack the discipline to keep reading, we will encourage you to pick up where you left off by reminding you of your goals.

You don't have to worry about obtaining the books. We will ship them in time to your preferred address. Books are included in our packs. No fine print, no hassle.

Ok, shut up and take my money! Ok, I want it

Unsure if Pagination is for you? Keep on reading to learn more.

How does it work?

  1. Purchase a Pack. We ship you physical copies of the books so you can doodle, highlight and underline in them.
  2. 5-minute intake with curator. We want to know why you choose to join Pagination so that we can support your learning experience.
  3. Get assigned to a group. Once sufficient people have purchased your Pack we will group you with a bunch of fellow readers.
  4. Start reading. Every week you'll receive what parts of the book are on your schedule. Read them when it suits you.
  5. Log your progress. While reading you log your progress using a mobile web-app. Add notes and ask questions to your fellow readers.
  6. Gather online and discuss the book. Time to utilize the power of the collective. Join your fellow readers in discussions started by you and by others.
  7. Have fun while learning. Make new friends, be proud of your progress. Fun is equally important as doing the work.
  8. Compare your progress with others. See where you are compared to the rest of the group. Are you falling behind? We will notify you if so.
  9. Retrospect on the things learned. Once the book is finished you'll review it with the group to compare your summary notes and share action points.
  10. Start applying what you've learned. Now it's time for you to apply your new-found knowledge in the wild. Be sure to report back if you feel like it.

Launch packs
€ 129

  • Curated by Jeroen van der Gulik

    Jeroen van der Gulik

    Scaling Teams

    Everyone knows that adding more people to a team doesn't necessarily make it perform better. Output doesn't scale linear. These books will explain why and give you different approaches to deal with challenges that teams face.

    Sneak peak of included titles
    • The Phoenix Project
      The Phoenix Project
    • The Mythical Man Month
      The Mythical Man Month
  • Curated by Marijn Huizendveld

    Marijn Huizendveld

    Start Up Now

    You know that there is more to building products and services than technology alone. Project organization, marketing & sales, building a team. It is all part of the job. You realize that in order to win you must learn to bring it all together.

    Sneak peak of included titles
    • Rework
    • Radical Focus: Achieving Your Most Ambitious Results
      Radical Focus: Achieving Your Most Ambitious Results

Why did we start Pagination?

A few years ago we looked at our bookshelves. We owned a bunch of great titles but very few books were read from cover to cover. Some of them had been collecting dust for quite a few years.

Try to imagine how often we could have applied the knowledge embedded in those bundles of paper. Think of the improved conversations, meetings, collaborations, products, and so on, and so on…

We believe that books are a great medium for learning things worth learning. If only we had taken the time to deliberately study the contents of our bookshelves, our lives would have been better. Once we realized we were missing out on better ways of doing things, we started making time and putting in the effort. And as soon as we did we saw a payoff in our lives.

That is when we decided it was time to help others finish the books that they buy.

Our names are Jeroen van der Gulik and Marijn Huizendveld. It is our mission to have as many interested people reading good books together. By doing so we want to impact your life: learn, turn things around & have fun! Will you join our effort?

No time? Stop fooling yourself!

We know plenty of people that would love to read more but who claim they have no time to do so. Let's call bullshit on this right now. Sure, reading takes time but there are plenty of moments that can either be repurposed or created to learn things worth learning.

You could read…

Still not convinced?

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